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Huntloc shows what's going on in the hunt

Realtime hunting tracking app and hunting dogs tracking device

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Hunting with Huntloc is efficient, safer and more exciting


You can see in real time from your phone what other hunters and dogs are doing. The participants of the hunt can share information about what is happening in the hunt. The hunt leader can give precise orders.
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With the Huntloc GPS-GSM tracker, you can see the hunting dog's location from your smartphone. Even the location of a dog that has run far away is constantly known and you can find it quickly.
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Tracking a hunt is easy

  1. One of the members of the hunt starts hunting on his phone and receives a unique hunting code.
  2. Other hunters join the hunt using this code. This creates a hunting group whose movements is visible on the phone.
  3. When the owner of a hunting dog with a Huntloc tracker joins the hunt, all participants will also be able to see the dog’s location.

The Huntloc App is available for download from the Android and Apple App Store, and each new user receives a 30-day free license for trial.

We make hunting smart

Hunters locations on real time

The hunting dogs tracking

Group chat and speed dialing

The hunting area map

Navigation in the forest

Weather forecast

The solution of the Huntloc is used by more than 10,000 users.