How to choose a hunting dog tracking device


The latest issue of Latvian Hunting magazine "Medibas" features an article that describes the strengths and weaknesses of the Huntloc dog tracker, how it compares to the Garmin tracker, and why hunters tend to choose to use both of these trackers together.

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Tips on how to protect hunting dog from the cold


Ensuring the well-being of your hunting dog is crucial in cold weather. Here are eight tips to help protect your hunting dog from the cold.

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Huntloc GPS dog tracker is a very good helper for a hunting dog with a large working area


Many hunting dogs are very persistent in chasing their prey and don’t want to stop under any circumstances even when the animal has passed on to another hunting team’s lands or even into another country. That’s the reason why many Garmin users are worried about keeping their dogs “in the picture”.

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Huntloc OÜ is now Traxby OÜ


The company Huntloc OÜ, which manufactures surveillance platforms and surveillance equipment, changed its business name to Traxby OÜ.

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New versions


Huntloc apps for Android and iOS and the tracking device have received version updates.

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Huntloc update for iOS


An updated version of Huntloc will be available for iPhones and iPads.

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New version for Android


We released an updated version of Huntloc for Android devices The changes are related to the dog tracker and added missing translations (Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian).

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The dog tracking device HLT-4.0 is discounted in June


We have special offer in June for dog tracker HLT-4.0. Now it's available in 299€. The regular price is 349.

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