The # 1 hunting platform in the Baltics

Huntloc provides a real-time overview of what is happening in the hunt

Special offers for a hunting team

There are more possibilities with the hunting team's solution

Manage own hunting team

Create your own permanent hunting team and you can use the permanent code while hunting. This solution can also be used in sneaking and ambush hunting.

Watch all the dogs on the hunt

Huntloc can have an unlimited number of dog tracking devices, and all hunters can see the movement of the dogs on their phone.

Save money

Huntloc has better offers for the team and team members.

Using Huntloc makes hunting more efficient, safer and more exciting

  • Real-time locations for hunters and hunting dogs
  • Dog Tracker Interface and Tracker Management
  • Chat between the participants in the hunt, call and share the location of the hunting event on the map
  • Movement history and follow-up of the hunts
  • Lots of different base cards
  • Create your own card and share it with others
  • Compass movement in the forest
  • Weather forecast 24h
Advantages of Huntloc over others

Hunting team member’s license 50% cheaper

  • The team license is valid for 1 year, during the validity period it is possible to add more members.
  • The basic fee for a hunting team is therefore EUR 50, plus EUR 10 per user
    • 6-member team fee 110 € (price 18.33 € each, discount 8%)
    • 150 euros for 10 members (price 15.00 € each, -25%)
    • 250 members for 20 members (price € 12.50 each, -37%)
  • For example, 30 members have a 10% discount
    • The fee for a 30-member team is 315 € (price 10.50 € each, discount 47%)
    • The fee for a 50-member team is 495 € (price 9.90 € each, -50%)
  • Huntloc special offers apply to the hunting team and their members.

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