Follow your dog’s location in real time

A fast and simple way to monitor the dog of the hunting team.

Order a dog GPS tracking device

With the Huntloc GPS-GSM tracking device, you can see your dog's location on your smartphone

See also our tracking and monitoring solution for domestic dogs DOGLO

Exact location of dog

The Huntloc dog tracking GPS device shows the location of the hunting dog and its movement during the hunt. All you need is a smartphone to control the device and keep track of your dog. Can be used on both Android and Apple devices.

There is no distance limit

The tracking device uses mobile data coverage and GPS, so it has no distance limit – the dog can be tracked from hundreds of kilometres away. Location data is sent over the Internet (GSM 2G network).

Dog guarding at home

By keeping the tracking device in standby mode on the hunting dog's collar, it works as a monitoring device for the domestic dog. If the dog goes missing, the device can be remotely switched into tracking mode and find out the dog's location. The tracker also can be shared with family members via the Doglo app.

Long service life

In tracking mode, the HLT-4.0 tracker works for 36 hours and is in standby mode for one month. The HLT-4.5 tracker works in tracking mode for 24 hours (with an interval of 10 seconds) and is in standby mode for up to 3 weeks. The tracker can be charged on a wireless charging pad.

Listen to the dog

The Huntloc Hunting Dog GPS Collar is like a dog's mobile phone. In addition to tracking, you can call the hunting dog and listen to the dog's activities or give voice commands.

Waterproof and durable

The tracker is made of very durable material and is waterproof. The tracker has no openings through which water or dust can enter. The activity of the tracker is indicated by 3 signal lights.

An overview of the dog's activity

The Huntloc dog tracking system shows how the dog moves in the forest, whether he has found an animal or has run out of the mast altogether. After a day of hunting, you can review your dog and your activities.

Time saving

Using a tracker with a GPS+GSM solution, you can quickly find the location of a hunting dog that has gone on its way. You will spend less time and fuel to find him. It is important for every owner that the dog is at home in the evening.

Safety of dog

Your hunting dog is visible to all hunters in the Huntloc app, who know when it is near them. Consequently, a dog's chance of being accidentally shot during hunting decreases.

The tracking device is very easy to use

  1. Integrate the tracker in the Huntloc app (scan the QR code of the device or enter the IMEI and phone number of the device)
  2. Place the tracker on the charging pad and it will switch to standby mode
  3. Make a call to the tracker and it will switch to tracking mode
  4. Check the dog’s location in the Huntloc app on the map view

Advantages of a Huntloc dog tracking device

  • Follow your dog and manage the tracker just with your smartphone;
  • With the Huntloc tracker, you will be able to see your dog’s location from an unlimited distance on your smartphone;
  • Anyone can see a dog’s location if they have Huntloc’s full version of the app;
  • Sending the signal of the dog’s location starting from 1 second;
  • Call the tracking device – you can listen to the dog’s activities or give a voice command;
  • HLT-4.0 works for 36 hours in active tracking mode, and 30 days in standby mode. HLT-4.5 works for 24 hours in active tracking mode, and 21 days in standby mode;
  • The dog can be monitored 24/7, the tracker can be activated remotely;
  • The dog tracker is water and dustproof;
  • The dog tracker can be used in conjunction with another dog collar (such as Garmin dog GPS collars) or placed inside the dog’s hunting vest;
  • The dog can be guarded 24/7, the tracking device can be set and monitored from afar. It is possible to use the activity monitoring mode (the device sends the location only when the dog moves);
  • The tracker can also be used to track other moving objects (people, ATVs, cars, etc.).

Doglo – for monitoring domestic dogs

The tracker features are the same as the Huntloc, the only difference is in the case design and the app.

  • With Doglo, you can keep track of your dog’s activities at home or during a walk;
  • In the Doglo app, you can add four more family members who can follow the dog’s activities;
  • In the Doglo app, you can add your objects, create a virtual fence, see the distance travelled by the dog;
  • The Doglo app is free;
  • The Huntloc tracker also can be added to the Doglo app.

Principles of operation of the tracker

Standby mode

When the device is switched on, the blue light of the device flashes quickly, and the blue light of the device flashes "lazily" in standby mode.

  • The tracker turns on and activates in standby mode by placing it on the charger (blinking blue light);
  • In standby mode, the device sends information about the device’s battery level and GSM signal strength to the Huntloc app once an hour;
  • While in standby mode, the device is ready to start tracking at any moment in response to a call or SMS command;
  • Fully charged device, standby mode works for up to 30 days.

For Huntloc trackers are available two tracking modes: “continuous tracking” and “activity tracking”.

  • The device is turned on in continuous monitoring mode by a call to the tracker or by sending an SMS with the content “1”. The tracking device starts searching for satellites, and when it finds them, the dog’s location is indicated in the mobile application. The speed of finding the GPS signal depends on whether the dog is in the room, in the car, or in the yard and how fast it is moving.
  • To turn on the tracker in the activity tracking mode, you need to prevent the SMS with the content “2”. The accelerometer sensor observes the movement of the devices (the dog move or sleep) and then switches to the monitoring or standby mode. When the tracker starts moving, it turns on GPS and starts tracking. If the device is not moving (the dog is sleeping or the device is not on the dog’s collar), it switches to standby mode and refreshes the information on the battery level every hour.
  • In continuous tracking mode, the location sending interval is fixed (10 seconds by default). The user can change the location update frequency in the range from 1 to 99 seconds (by sending an SMS message to the device).
  • In the activity tracking mode, the frequency of location updates depends on the intensity of the device’s vibration. If the dog is moving slowly, the location signal is sent after every 20 seconds, as the dog’s activity increases, the device’s location signal is sent faster. If the dog is running, the data is sent every 3 seconds.
  • To switch the activity tracking mode to the continuous tracking mode, send an SMS with the content “0” to the tracker.

Tracking mode

The green light flashes when searching for a location, and the green light is on when the location is detected.

Charging the tracker

When the device is charging, the red light flashes, and when the device is fully charged, the red light is on.

  • To charge your device, place it on a charging pad that is connected to a power source. The charger uses a micro-USB charger, which also can be connected to a car charger;
  • Charging the device takes 5 hours;
  • When the device is placed on the charger, the device restarts (green light on for 5 seconds) if during this time the device is removed from the charger and placed immediately back, then the green light turns on and the device turns off. To turn it on again, you need to place the tracker on the charger pad.

Resellers of Huntloc dog tracking devices

PacDog (Co. Kilkenny, Ireland)

Monday – Thursday 8.30am – 5pm Friday 8.30am – 4pm

Carraigleade, Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny R95EE76 Ireland

+ 353 (0) 59 9724690

See website

Jahipaun (Rocca Al Mare center, Tallinn, Estonia)

Avatud iga päev: 10.00-21.00

Paldiski mnt. 102, 13522 Tallinn, Estonia

+372 6000 523

See website

Jahipaun (Sikupilli center, Tallinn, Estonia)

Avatud iga päev: 10.00-21.00

Tartu mnt. 87, 10112 Tallinn, Estonia

+372 6000 520

See website

Matkatarbed (Tallinn, Estonia)

Avatud: E–R 10.00–18.00

Pärnu mnt 48, Tallinn, Estonia

+372 6463 396

See website

Jahipaun (Lõunakeskus, Tartu, Estonia)

Avatud iga päev: 10.00-21.00

Ringtee 73, 51014 Tartu, Estonia

+372 6000 526

See website

Schotter Küti Kaubad (Tartu, Estonia)

Avatud E-R 10:00 – 18:00

Raatuse 20, Tartu, Estonia

+372 7451 136

See website

Jahipaun (Kaubamajakas, Pärnu, Estonia)

Avatud iga päev: 10.00-20.00

Papiniidu 8/10, 80010 Pärnu, Estonia

+372 6000 524

See website

Baltic Hunter (Viljandi, Centrum, Viljandi, Estonia)

Avatud E-R 09:00 - 19:00, L 09:00 - 17:00, P 10:00 - 15:00

Tallinna 24, Viljandi 71008, Estonia

+372 4343 262

See website

GunMarket (Rīga, Latvia)

Mon.-Fri. 10–19. Sat: 10–16

Maskavas iela 243, Latgales priekšpilsēta, Rīga, LV-1019, Latvia

+371 2941 5818

See website

Jahipaun (Rīga, Latvia)

Monday till Sunday 10:00-21:00

Tirdzniecības centrs Sāga, Biķeru Iela 4, Dreiliņi, Stopiņu novads, Latvia

+371 28083300

See website

Ieroči (Rīga, Latvia)

Mon.-Fri. 10.00-19.00, Sat. 10.00 – 17.00

Dzirnavu iela 83, Rīga

+371 673 272 17

See website

GPSPRO (Rīga, Latvia)

Mon. - Fri. 9.00 - 19.00, Sat. 10.00 - 17.00

Bolero, Lielirbes 27, Rīga

+371 20 015 015

See website

ZooCentrs (Rīga, Latvia)

Mon. - Fri. 8:00 - 17:00

Upes pr.13, Ogre, LV-5001

+371 65045553

See website

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

See the example video:

With Huntloc free version you can use basic group tracking functionalities. Huntloc Premium includes dozens features needed for effective and safe hunting. To see full list Huntloc Premium featrures click here.

  1. Download app in Google Play
  2. Start app and choose language
  3. Add your phone number, name and email.
  4. That’s it!

Smartphone is exposed to various magnetized objects ( magnet phone covers) and sometimes the compass is not working properly. Its recommended calibrate to compass time to time .

To do that open Huntloc compass view (button is on the left bottom corner in map view). To calibrate the compass  there are a number of possibilities (see also

  1. Draw each of the three sides of the device in the air three times the number “8”;
  2. Turn the device on three sides, three times around its own axis;
  3. Run the device in the air three times the number 8 shape as shown.


Huntloci requires a data connection to work and GPS-based positioning, which is quite a burden for your mobile phone. Here are 10 recommendations to help ensure that the mobile phone would work the whole day of hunting:

  1. Turn on GPS and mobile communication only during hunt. At other times (eg, lunch break or a meeting turn it off.
  2. Turn off other possible applications that continuously exchange data to the server (eg, e-mail, calendar, Skype, etc.).
  3. View the phone screen when it is necessary. Mobile screen takes a lot of energy, and it strains the battery significantly.
  4. Set the phone screen brightness as low as possible. Very high brightness of the screen is nice to look at, but it takes lots of power.
  5. Set Huntloci application data exchange intervals, depending on whether you move, or you stand. Huntlocis position reporting interval can be determined even one minute. This saves battery power. Changing the location of the interval is available since version 1.5.2.
  6. Use Power Bank. There are different sizes and allow to charge your phone several times.
  7. Use car charger to charge your phone during longer pauses while you can.
  8. Examine the acquisition of a new phone battery capacity. The higher the number, the longer the battery typically lasts.
  9. Hold the phone as possibly warm. Cold battery capacity decreases very significantly.
  10. Get a new battery for your phone .

By default map displayed north-south oriented on phone display (north points to top and south to bottom edge of display). Map can be rotated to desired direction by pressing on map with two fingers and changing map direction. If current map direction has changed there will be a little compass icon on top of the map. The red compass arrow shows north. To restore original map orientation tap on compass icon.

Yes, every hunter have to have installed and running Huntloc app on their smart phone. Huntloc app sends hunter location parameters to server. Where information will be downloaded and shown graphically on map. For information exchange and positioning it is necessary to activate mobile data and GPS connection. In same manner works dog tracker as well. In dog collar there are GPS and GSM components for positioning and location sharing to Huntloc server and hunters.

Go “Menu” then “Dog trackers” . There is red button with “+”.

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