Version history



Added map of Estonian hunting areas



  • Added ability to easily join with hunting teams where user are member
  • The marker in the middle of the map shows the distance from the user

Version apk for Android



Bug fixes in the app:
  • It is possible to use virtual fences when using several dog trackers
  • Resolved an error in validating the user number
  • If the user selects to enter with a QR code when adding a dog tracking device, the user have to give a rights to use the phone camera.

Version installation file for Android



  • Access rights asking has modified
  • Adding the tracker manually, it is checked whether the telephone number contains the code “+372”.
  • In the FW testing, app does not provide an upgrade to FW.
  • Fixed compass display error.
  • Improved code quality, including showing objects on the map and in a list.


Main updates:
  • Added a geofence feature to control the dog’s presence in a designated area – the tracker must be in tracking mode.
  • Advanced app warning system (notification if the the dog leaving and entering in the geofence, low battery message)
Other updates:
  • it’s possible to defined own location sending interval as 1 sec and 2 sec (on settings menu)
  • when creating an payment link for paying license, the name of the app for which the payment is made, is also displayed
  • on the map view, the color of the center marker is changed from gray to red
Fixed bugs:
  • an error occurred while adding the tracking device by using the QR code


  • A location marker indicating the center of the base map has been added to the map view.
  • “Map info” button added to the map view (button with “i” icon). Pressing the button opens a pop-up window where the user can receive information and make selections about the location in the center of the base map (the same option is offered by a long press on the screen map at the desired location). This allows the user to:
    • know the coordinate of that location,
    • view weather forecast for this location
    • determine the location as the destination of your movement,
    • save the location of your object,
    • while on an active hunt, share this location with team members.
  • When the hunt starts, the user is shown an information window showing the hunting code in a large way and a recommendation to share it with the team members.
  • When joining the hunt, additional information has been added so that the entered hunting code can be obtained from the team leader.
  • By using the app, the user must agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • A link to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy has been added to the Settings menu.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • tracking devices are not repeatedly shown in the list of destinations,
    • after deleting the tracking device, the user is directed to the map view,
    • fixed slowness problem.


  • Added Huntloc app software version update notification;
  • Added tracker firmware version update notification.


  • Kaardivaates on lisatud sisse ja välja suumimise nupud.
  • Lisatud Eesti Maa-ameti aerofotokaart (ilma kinnistu piirideta) ning Läti topo- ja aerofotokaart.
  • Koera jälgimisseadme haldusesse on lisatud viimase asukoha aeg ja koordinaadid.


  • Muudatused on seotud jälgimisseadme tööga – parandatud jälgimisseadme aku tühjenemisest teavitamist ning jälgimisseadme asukoha nägemist kaardil.
  • Lisatud on ka puuduvaid tõlkeid (leedu, läti, vene).
Version 2.3.7


  • Parandatud viga mitme jälgimisseadme kasutamisel.
Version 2.3.6


  • Lisatud äpi käivitamisel automaatne litsentsi kehtivuse kontroll, litsentsi puudumisel vastav teavitus.
  • Ilmateate aknas lisatud viide 24h prognoosi nägemiseks.
  • Ilmateadet ei näidata, kui kasutajal ei ole litsentsi.
Version 2.3.5


  • Koera jälgimisseadme halduses on viimase signaali kellaaeg värviline, sõltuvalt viimase signaali vanusest.
  • Koera jälgimisseadme vaatest on eemaldatud seadme välja lülitamise võimalus.
  • Taastatud võimalus kasutajat audentida ka SMS koodiga teisele numbrile.
  • Parandatud üldiseid vigu.
Version 2.3.4


  • Parandatud üldiseid vigu.
Version 2.3.3


  • Parandatud üldiseid vigu.
Version 2.3.2


  • Jälgimisseadme lisamine lihtsustatud, saab kasutada QR-koodi.
  • Parandatud üldiseid vigu.
Version 2.3


  • Lisatud ilmateade koos päikesetõusu ja loojangu ajaga.
  • Kasutaja saab määrata, millal jahis osaleja läheb “halliks”.
Version 2.2.1


  • Koera jälgimisseadmel ja jahis osalejatel näitab infoaknas läbitud teekonna pikkust, kui on sisse lülitatud jäljelogi.
  • Koera jälgimisseadme halduses näidatakse GPS satelliitide arvu.
  • Jahi algused, liitumine, lahkumine ja lõpetamine fikseeritakse “Vestluse” keskkonnas.
  • Seadetes saab määratleda, kui pikka jäljelogi näidatakse.
  • Seadetes saab määrata, kui pikalt hoitakse alles vestluse ajalugu.
  • valideerimine Google vahendusel.
Version 2.2


  • Parandatud vead: väiksem andmeside kulu jäljelogi vaatamisel, koera jälgimisseadmele interneti ostes kiire andmete värskendamine.
  • Valideerimisel toetatakse Android 9 versiooni.
Version 2.1.0


  • Saab lisada uut HLT-4.0 jahikoera jälgimisseadet.
  • Äpp näitab jälgimisseadme kohta rohkem infot.
Version 1.61.21


Key updates:

  • Added a geofence feature to check if the dog is in a defined area – the device must be in tracking mode.
  • Possible to use the static hunting code of the hunting team.
Version 1.59.21


  • License information is available in the menu
  • Bugs fixed (validation of the app in Finnish, data request of the tracker to the server)
Version 1.58.21


  • Added tracker firmware version update notification.
  • License activation using a code card has restored
Version 1.57.21


  • Orthophoto map of the Estonian Land Board (without real estate boundaries) and topographic and orthophoto map of Latvia are attached.
  • The time and coordinates of the last location have been added to the management of the dog tracking device.
Version 1.56.21


  • Kõrvaldatud jäljelogide mittenäitamise viga.
Version 1.55.21


  • Täiustatud jahimeeste reaalajas jälgimist,
  • Lisatud võimalus vaadata jahimehe ja koera poolt läbitud vahemaad (tuleb sisse lülitada osaleja liikumisajalugu ja vaadata informatsiooni akent).
  • Seadistustes saab määrata jälgimisajaloo pikkust (valikus 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 ja 24 tundi).
  • Suurendatud rolliikoonide loetelu (lisandus üle 20 ikooni).
  • Muutunud on koera jälgimisseadme haldamise vaade (saab sisse-välja lülitada koera liikumise ajaloo näitamist, nähtav seadme poolt fikseeritud GPS-ide arv).
Version 1.5.2


  • Jälgimisseadme vaade on oluliselt uuendatud. Äpis näeb seadme tarkvara versiooni, interneti kehtivuse aega ja seada saab uuendada. Muudetud seadme sisse-välja lülitamis nupud, seadmelt tulnud viimase signaali aeg on värviline sõltuvalt signaali vanusest (roheline, must, punane). Interneti  kehtivuse kontroll. Kadunud on vajadus sisestada jälgimisseadme tüüpi.
  • Kaardil asuva objekti infoaknas näeb objekti nime;
  • Suure objektide arvu juures on tagatud äpi stabiilne töötamine;
  • Kasutaja andmete vaates on kasutaja e-post muudetud kohustuslikuks ja seda saab kasutaja edaspidi muuta
Version 1.5


  • Parandatud kasutusmugavust.
  • Joonistatud maa-alade vaatamine.
Version 1.11.7


  • When the battery is about to run out, the trackers battery light indicates this – the red LED starts to flash slowly.
  • The battery level from the tracker has been made more stable.
  • When thetracker registers to the GSM network, it makes a sound.
  • Blocking of foreign numbers: it is possible to set phone numbers (up to 5 pcs) that can makes a call or send SMS to the tracker. The tracker does not respond to calls or SMS from other numbers. To apply the blocking, the corresponding SMS command must be sent to the device.
  • The system of satellites witch used for tracking has changed.
  • If the tracker is in activity tracking mode, after charging the device, the tracker will still remain in activity tracking mode.
  • Bug fix: resolved automatic shutdown when traker is charging.
  • The way to turn off the tracker by using the charger has changed – to turn off the device, you need to place the device on the charger for a while and then shake it.
  • Increasing the operational stability of the tracking device.
Version 1.10.49


  • Increased data communication stability in the tracker
Version 1.9.70


  1. Reduced notification sound by the tracker when it frequently registers in the network
  2. Resolved an issue with reading SMS when a large SMS message was sent to the device (e.g., cross-border traffic)
  3. Resolved green LED stays lit when the device is removed from the charger
  4. Improved GSM power consumption
  5. Battery charge level showing is more stable
Version 1.9.58


  • Increased stability of the tracker. Reduced self-restart of the tracker related by data connection (this resulted in a loss of location).
  • Added a new working mode “Activity tracking“, which allows you to monitor the dog more conveniently. An accelerometer in the tracking device monitors shaking of tracker (whether the dog is moving or sleeping) and switches the tracker to live tracking or standby.
    – If the tracker is shaking and does so continuously 30 seconds, the device will turn on the GPS and start tracking (the tracker will search for satellites and forward the location of the dog).
    – The frequency of location data updates depends on the intensity of the shaking of the tracker. If the dog moves slowly, data seding interval is 20 seconds, as the dog’s activity increases, the device will speed up the data sending interval. The fastly running dog transmits data every 3 seconds.
    – If the tracker does not shake for 1 minute (the dog is asleep, the device is removed from the dog), the device will switch to standby and update the battery information every hour.
    – Depending on the dog’s activities, GSM coverage conditions and satellite visibility, the HLT-4.0 tracking device will operate in this mode for approx. 1 week.
    – When calling a device in activity tracking mode, the tracker automatically answers the call and can listen to the dog.
    – To activate the activity tracking mode, an SMS with the content “2” must be sent to the tracker.
    – To end the activity tracking mode, an SMS with the content “0” must be sent to the device and the device will go into standby mode. SMS “1” switches the device to continuous tracking mode. Charging the device does not change the operating mode of the tracker.
  • The battery level reading has been made more stable
  • When the device is found in the cellular network, the device will make sound and number of beeps from device indicates, which operator’s network tracker will use.
  • The call to activate continuous tracking mode – the device answers the call for a moment and ends it immediately (the device no longer says “Service failed, please try again later”).
  • A time control when listening to the dog, the call cannot be longer than 60 seconds.
  • The device will made a beep when it turns off.
Version 1.8.12


  • a change in the satellite fixing system.
Version 1.8.11


  • Võimalus panna seadet 1 kord tunnis saatma asukohta ooterežiimis, kui seade on liikunud.
  • Satelliitide leidmise süsteemi muutus.
Version 1.7.0


  • Satelliitide leidmise süsteemi muutus.
Version 1.6.7


  • Koera jälgimisseadme töökindluse suurendaminea kehvema GSM leviga piirkonnas.
  • Seadme käivitamisel näitab, kas seade veel käivitub (kiire sinise tule vilkumine) või on ooterežiimis (aeglane sinise tule vilkumine).