Traxby OÜ

Ilmatsalu 3, Tartu, 50412 Estonia

Registry code: 12491003
VAT-code: EE101657569

Office in Tartu:
Ilmatsalu 3, 50412 Tartu, Estonia

Parcel machines for sending a parcel to Huntloc:

Omniva: Tartu Veeriku Selver (Estonia)
SmartPost: Tartu Veeriku Selver (Estonia)
DPD: Tartu Veeriku Selver (Estonia)

Contact phone: +372 5865 0290

The Traxby OÜ is founded on 2013 to develop next generation hunting software.

We have come a long way, developing a solution that allows you to monitor smart devices and other participants during a hunt. Also, we have developed a hunting dog, or pet, tracking collar so you can see where your four-legged friend is. Our App, has an option to call and send messages to your hunt team members. It is also possible to manage the hunting area, share and mark important points.

We have received the following recognitions:

  • II place in Estonian Start-up Competition „Ajujaht 2015“
  • Most promising Start-up – Hardware Launchpad 2016
  • Huntloc’s solution has garnered international media attention, being featured in ZDFi news show “Heute in Europa”.


Herko Sunts

CEO, Co-Founder

Herko is Huntloc co-founder, team leader and the author of Huntloc idea. Herko has in economics and has worked on C level positions in several public and private organizations. Herko has more than 25 years of hunting experience and owns hunting dogs.

Jaanus Suvi

Chief software engineer, Co-Founder

Jaanus is Huntloc co-founder, mobile application and server software developer. Jaanus is very experienced mobile application and server software developer, especially in developing maps and position related mobile client/server solutions. He has in informatics.

Keit Kivisild

CBDO, Co-Founder

Keit is Huntloc co-founder, software architect and analyst. Keit has experiences in enterprise information management, systems development and implementation. He has in network software and intelligent systems.