Prices for the Huntloc solution

Enjoy hunting, choose the package that suits you



Starting and joining a hunt

Hunters' locations in real time. Participants' locations updating - 60 seconds


Contacts of hunting participants, quick call to the participant

Sharing the location of hunting events to team members

Exchange text messages between team members in a chat environment

Own hunting objects storing

Full version

19.99€ year

Everything included in the Simple version and in addition:

Hunting dog tracking and dog tracking device management

Participants' locations updating - from 1 second

Estonian Land Board maps (3 pcs), Latvian maps (2 pcs)

Direction and pace of participants' movement, distance traveled on the map and its length

Set a destination and show the direction in the compass view

Hunts replay in Huntloc web portal

Creating a hunting area map on the Huntloc web portal and sharing with other users (hunting sites, areas)

24h weather forecast (Android)

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