Prices for the Huntloc solution

Enjoy hunting, choose the package that suits you

Simple version


Starting and joining a hunt

Hunters' locations in real time. Participants' locations updating - 60 seconds


Contacts of hunting participants, quick call to the participant

Sharing the location of hunting events to team members

Exchange text messages between team members in a chat environment

Own hunting objects storing

Full version

1 year - 25.00€
180 days - 19.99€
7 days - 6.00€

Everything included in the Simple version and in addition:

Hunting dog tracking and dog tracking device management

Participants' locations updating - from 1 second

Estonian Land Board maps (3 pcs), Latvian maps (2 pcs)

Direction and pace of participants' movement, distance traveled on the map and its length

Set a destination and show the direction in the compass view

Hunts replay in Huntloc web portal

Creating a hunting area map on the Huntloc web portal and sharing with other users (hunting sites, areas)

24h weather forecast (Android)

Buy the full version license

Hunting team solution

1 year 75€ +
12€ per user

Everything included in the Full version and in addition:

The team will receive one permanent hunting code, which will make it easier to organize hunting in own area

Hunting team map creating and sharing with team members

Special offers for Huntloc products, including dog tracking devices

Personal support when using Huntloc

Ask for an offer for your team