New Huntloc dog tracker

13. Jan 2017

The new Huntloc tracker HLT 2.6. is available now. This tracker is compact in one box. No cables and holes. It’s been clued shut and is water- and shockproof. Tracker is using QI wireless charging solution. The doggie vest has pocket on the back, where the tracker is placed. Tracker on the back has better range now then before. The device has an 1850 mAh battery, which provides tracing time about 36 hours (tracking interval 10 seconds) and the standby time is more than 30 days. Also tracker has the option to call the dog, give orders and to listen his activities. Device itself is light and easy to use.

The price for product is 299€, and it includes tracking device, wireless charger, car charger, collar, dog vest (sizes S, M, L), 1 year internet into tracker (future price 36€ per year) and  code card for Huntloc yearly license.

Also it’s possible to buy only tracker without the vest. The price is 249€.