Our iOS version is now available!

26. Sep 2015

Main features:

  • start a new hunt (generate code for sharing)
  • join started hunt with shared hunt code
  • track hunt participants locations including yourself, other hunters and dogs
  • manage hunter’s roles and other administrative data (name phone number, role in hunt)
  • one click phone calls from screen
  • Google Maps based view: zoom in and out, base map, a satellite map
  • view hunt participants list with additional information (hunters and dogs, roles, name, distance from current hunter)
  • see hunting objects locations on a map (feeding place, saline, high stand, camera, etc.)
  • see action based marks (shots, game animals, car, meeting points)
  • dog trackers management
  • add and share actions based notes with other participants
  • save and share points of interest (feeding place, saline, hunting stand, camera, shot, meeting point, car, etc.)
  • quick text messaging between hunt participants
  • compass view
  • map actions (quick zoom, measuring distances)
  • set target point (object on the map, participant, dog, car, etc.) to move
  • specify positions sending and receiving interval
  • authenticate to log into Huntloc portal (portal.huntloc.com)
  • languages: English, Russian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Italian and Finnish.