Huntloc’s new dog tracker recives design award nomination

8. Sep 2016

Our dog tracker was nominated in BRUNO product design award.

Huntloc is made for following retrievers in the forest using GPS-GSM technology. The application runs on smartphones and the dogs’ location can be viewed on the screen in real time. It’s also possible to call the dog and listen to what’s happening in the surroundings, as well as give commands through the device.

To guarantee the best GPS-GSM signal, the device has been built in two parts what fit easily around the dog’s neck making sure the antennae are always facing upwards.

Since 2006, the Estonian Association of Designers has been presenting the BRUNO product design awards, with which the association wishes to present innovative high-standard new products to a wider audience, inviting Estonians to use local design, and motivating entrepreneurs to include professional designers in product development. This award is recognition for our exceptionally skilled designers, and their business partners.

The award was named after prof Bruno Tomberg, founder of the design department at the Academy of Arts. At prof Tomberg’s initiative, the Estonian Design Awards were also presented by the design department in the 1980s. The trophy for the award, which was created by Anneliis Aunapuu, and which consists of a sphere, cone and cylinder, has remained unchanged.