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App for Android devices (APK)

Latest software/firmware versions

Huntloc app for Android: (get it Google Play)
Huntloc app for iPhone/iPad:  1.57.21 (get it App Store)
Firmware for dog tracker: 1.8.11 (for updating send SMS "fw" to tracker)

NB! Huntloc app does not work on phones that do not support Goolge services (eg Huawei P40)

10 tips how to use Huntloc

  1. To share hunt with other hunters, create “Hunt” (red button) and you will receive unique code.
  2. Share the code with others and they can join you in your hunt. Everyone who joins the hunt can be seen on the map.
  3. To share information and communicate during the Hunt you can use Chat.
  4. Touching Map icon you can choose different map layers on Google and Estonian terrain map.
  5. Long touch on screen opens up choice, where you can save the location, share it with others or set as your destination to arrive
  6. Using Copmass you can move where you need to. Mark the destination(long touch on screen) on your map and follow the compass arrow.
  7. Ruler helps you to measure the distances between the locations
  8. On Menu you can set the interval how often data is sent and received. Doing so you can save battery for longer
  9. To Track the hunting dog on you app, you have to have dog tracker.
  10. Touch map on your screen and it widens even more!


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