Overview of the dog’s work

Overview of the dog’s work

You can track the dog and see has he found a prey.


Locate the lost dog quickly from long distances. Finding lost dog takes now less time and fuel.


Dog is seen by the hunters during the hunt and they know when his near them.

How it works?

Compared to traditional radio dog tracking devices, the Huntloc's tracking device can track dog from thousands of kilometers away.  Our dog tracker is using mobile internet connection (2G) and uses GPS satellite to show location. Therefore, you can see your dogs location anywhere, where is GSM.

How to join?

  • Integrate the tracker in Huntloc app
  • Activate the tracker by call or SMS
  • Locate the dog on app



Call to dog
Call to dog

Why Huntloc's Dog tracking device

  • Follow your dog through smartphone, no need for extra devices;
  • Huntloc's dog tracker shows dog's location from kilometers away;
  • Anyone can see dogs location, when they have Huntloc's full version for app;
  • Dog position information from 1 second;
  • You can call on device to listen and talk to the dog;
  • The dog can receive voice commands through a smartphone;
  • Works 36 hours, on standby more than 30 days;
  • Device is light and waterproof;
  • The device can already be fitted to some other dog straps (including, in addition to the Garmin device) or the dog's waistband;
  • The dog can be monitored 24/7, the device can be activated remotely;
  • The tracking device can also be used to track other moving objects (person, ATV, car).

Products for dog

Dog tracker HLT-4.0

Dog tracker HLT-4.0
349 €

Tracker HLT-4.0 gives its owner good overview about ongoing hunt. This device gives hunter security how not to lose tracks of his dog during the hunt.

Price includes 1 year internet service into the tracker and 1 year Huntloc license.

Product Details:

GPS-GSM solution

Different signal lights show different work states

Device has speaker and microfon

Works 36 hours (10 second interval)

SIM card included

Finds his own network(except in Estonia Telia)

Water resistant

Wireless charging

Weigh 98 grams

Dimension 98 x 46 x 32 mm

Warranty 2 years

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Internet for the tracker *

Internet for the tracker *
36 €
* price per tracker per year


Product Details:

Supports internet, SMS and calls

Roaming through Europe (red area) included Russia


Dog safety vest

Dog safety vest
39 €

Product Details:
Sizes S-M-L
Pocket on the back for tracking device
Reflective stripe
Durable material


Dog trackers pouch

Dog trackers pouch
10 €

Attach the bag to the collar

Product Details:

Fits to trackers HLT-2.6 and HLT-2.7

Color orange

Durable material

A transparent film on top of the bag to see the work of the tracker

Opening for collar fitting, also possible for Garmin strap.

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Dog collar

Dog collar
8 €

Highly resistant collar for bigger dogs (laikas, hounds)

Color Orange

Made of nylon, which is coated with polyurethane, a thermoplastic (TPU)

 Number of holes: 21

Width: 25.4 mm

 Thickness: 2.2 mm

Length: 60 cm

D o-ring leash confirm

 Easy to clean

 Strong loop

 Suitable for parts of the Garmin GPS devices

Weight 88

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Others about us

Huntloc is the best guaranty for dogs survival. Mari-Ann Rehk, owner of dachshund and hunter
Our Hounds are seen on app at all times. I know where Hound is in real time. Tracker itself is light and easy to use. We are very happy with it. Tiit and Marika Hiiemaa, Estonian Hound breeders
Great device. I tested in bad signal area and still saw my dog. Followed him during the hunt. I am very happy with Huntloc's tracking device. Martin Tens, owner of German hunting Terrier

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