Huntloc update for iOS

11. Aug 2020

An updated version of Huntloc will be available for iPhones and iPads.

Version 1.55.21 has

  • Improved real-time tracking in the background.
  • Possibility to view the traveled distance by hunter and dog.
  • Under the settings, the user can specify how long the tracking history is displayed.
  • The range of role markers for the user and tracking device has been increased.
  • Changed dog tracker management view. The number of fixed GPSs by the device is displayed.

New version for Android

29. Jul 2020

We released an updated version of Huntloc for Android devices The changes are related to the dog tracker and added missing translations (Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian).

Tracking device for livestock

24. Apr 2020

We made a significantly larger tracking device for monitoring livestock. It can also be used on a larger dog.

The battery of the device is about 3 times larger than the HLT-4.0 device, so the monitoring time of the device with an interval of 10 seconds is about 4 days and the standby time is about 3 months. The weight of the device is 155g.

For the livestock, the tracking device is set to a mode where it sends its location every 30 minutes. In this way, the working time of device about 2 months. The sending interval of the location can be changed by the user.

New app version for Android

16. Jul 2019

Finally we added the opportunity to see the length of the dog and the hunter’s journey.  There was also an option to set the length of the movement history on the map (the last 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 and 24 hours). The owners of the dog tracking device now also receive information about the number of fixed satellites (max 12). In addition, the chat environment has been updated.

You can download updates from Google Play or from our website.

New firmware for tracker

29. Dec 2018

New version is 1.7.0 and it will make GPS searching faster.

For updating have to send SMS “fw” to tracker (tracker have to be in standby mode and not on the charger). Updating takes about 5 minute and finally tracker goes back to standby mode (slow blue blinking).

New firmware for tracker

2. Nov 2018

New firmware for tracker is available. New version is 1.6.7.

For updating have to send SMS “fw” to tracker (tracker have to be in standby mode and not on the charger). Updating takes about 5-10 minute and finally tracker goes back to standby mode (slow blue blinking)

New Andoid app 2.1.0

28. Sep 2018

New release version available today. There new information about dog tracker and possible to add HLT-4.0 tracker. The iOS solution coming soon (so long have to select HLT-2.x).

Huntloc is getting ready for Hunting Season!

31. May 2017

Only in June when you buy Dog tracking device you receive hunter’s vest as a gift.

Offer includes:

  • Waterproof and wireless Dog tracking device HLT-2.6
  • Safety vest or hunting dog, where is pocket on the back for the tracker
  • Reflective and strong „D“ dog collar,
  • 1 year internet for the tracker (after that its 36€ a year)
  • 1 year full licence for app


Huntloc gives every Dog tracker buyer a gift, multi functional Hunter’s vest (price 39€).

Difference between a free and a premium version

10. Mar 2017
Easy version

Locate hunters in real time

Chatting and speed dialing

Add and share actions based notes with other

Google maps (roads, satellite, hybrid)

Save your hunting objects on map


Full version

and also:

Tracking participants movements and directions

Following dog’s movements

Compass view and navigation

Managing tracking devices and hunting cameras

Access to portal and over viewing hunts

Different maps and administration

Draw your own maps

New Huntloc dog tracker

13. Jan 2017

The new Huntloc tracker HLT 2.6. is available now. This tracker is compact in one box. No cables and holes. It’s been clued shut and is water- and shockproof. Tracker is using QI wireless charging solution. The doggie vest has pocket on the back, where the tracker is placed. Tracker on the back has better range now then before. The device has an 1850 mAh battery, which provides tracing time about 36 hours (tracking interval 10 seconds) and the standby time is more than 30 days. Also tracker has the option to call the dog, give orders and to listen his activities. Device itself is light and easy to use.

The price for product is 299€, and it includes tracking device, wireless charger, car charger, collar, dog vest (sizes S, M, L), 1 year internet into tracker (future price 36€ per year) and  code card for Huntloc yearly license.

Also it’s possible to buy only tracker without the vest. The price is 249€.

Huntloc’s new webpage

9. Jan 2017

Huntlocs webpage is new and improved. We made many changes to get quicker and easier access to needed information.

Main change was in our menu where we made separate pages for hunter and his four legged friend.


New Android app relase 1.6.22

19. Oct 2016

In version 1.6.22 we fixed “hunt leaving” and “hunt joining” problems. There are no errors when you leave  the hunt

New version for Android

30. Sep 2016

Now is avalilable new Huntloc version 1.6.20 for Android.

– less ads for freemium users
– bugfixes
– new trackers
– portuges added

Video, how to watch pictures from trail camera

22. Sep 2016

Here is example video, how You can draw own hunting map in Huntloc portal. The map is immediately visible on the Huntloc app (NB! Areas are visible only Android base phones)

Draw own hunting map!

13. Sep 2016

Here is example video, how You can draw own hunting map in Huntloc portal. The map is immediately visible on the Huntloc app (NB! Areas are visible only Android base phones).

Huntloc’s new dog tracker recives design award nomination

8. Sep 2016

Our dog tracker was nominated in BRUNO product design award.

Huntloc is made for following retrievers in the forest using GPS-GSM technology. The application runs on smartphones and the dogs’ location can be viewed on the screen in real time. It’s also possible to call the dog and listen to what’s happening in the surroundings, as well as give commands through the device.

To guarantee the best GPS-GSM signal, the device has been built in two parts what fit easily around the dog’s neck making sure the antennae are always facing upwards.

Since 2006, the Estonian Association of Designers has been presenting the BRUNO product design awards, with which the association wishes to present innovative high-standard new products to a wider audience, inviting Estonians to use local design, and motivating entrepreneurs to include professional designers in product development. This award is recognition for our exceptionally skilled designers, and their business partners.

The award was named after prof Bruno Tomberg, founder of the design department at the Academy of Arts. At prof Tomberg’s initiative, the Estonian Design Awards were also presented by the design department in the 1980s. The trophy for the award, which was created by Anneliis Aunapuu, and which consists of a sphere, cone and cylinder, has remained unchanged.

Our iOS version is now available!

26. Sep 2015

Main features:

  • start a new hunt (generate code for sharing)
  • join started hunt with shared hunt code
  • track hunt participants locations including yourself, other hunters and dogs
  • manage hunter’s roles and other administrative data (name phone number, role in hunt)
  • one click phone calls from screen
  • Google Maps based view: zoom in and out, base map, a satellite map
  • view hunt participants list with additional information (hunters and dogs, roles, name, distance from current hunter)
  • see hunting objects locations on a map (feeding place, saline, high stand, camera, etc.)
  • see action based marks (shots, game animals, car, meeting points)
  • dog trackers management
  • add and share actions based notes with other participants
  • save and share points of interest (feeding place, saline, hunting stand, camera, shot, meeting point, car, etc.)
  • quick text messaging between hunt participants
  • compass view
  • map actions (quick zoom, measuring distances)
  • set target point (object on the map, participant, dog, car, etc.) to move
  • specify positions sending and receiving interval
  • authenticate to log into Huntloc portal (
  • languages: English, Russian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, German, Spanish, Swedish, Italian and Finnish.

Adding trail cameras

28. May 2015

Huntloc added new feature to its web portal. You can add forest cameras to (you can watch pictures from your trail camera in one place) Also we improved hunt replays. And we added two map layers: orthophoto and topographic map of the property boundaries.
During the Trial period, adding the forest cameras is available to all license owners (NB! new users will receive two months free license).

To add trail cameras:
1. Add location marker, either on your smart phone, or online.
2. In the portal open the camera marker to change the location (pencil mark), and there under the sign (“Help”) are guidance on what data must be entered into the camera (image recipient’s e-mail address and the picture sender’s e-mail address).

If everything went right, you will receive pictures to Huntloc portal where you can view them, and can also share pictures with others.