Adding trail cameras

28. May 2015

Huntloc added new feature to its web portal. You can add forest cameras to (you can watch pictures from your trail camera in one place) Also we improved hunt replays. And we added two map layers: orthophoto and topographic map of the property boundaries.
During the Trial period, adding the forest cameras is available to all license owners (NB! new users will receive two months free license).

To add trail cameras:
1. Add location marker, either on your smart phone, or online.
2. In the portal open the camera marker to change the location (pencil mark), and there under the sign (“Help”) are guidance on what data must be entered into the camera (image recipient’s e-mail address and the picture sender’s e-mail address).

If everything went right, you will receive pictures to Huntloc portal where you can view them, and can also share pictures with others.